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Employee Benefits

Brigham Young University–Hawaii provides several benefit programs for regular full-time faculty, staff, and administrative personnel. Minimum benefits are also available for regular, part-time staff and temporary employees. Please contact Naomi Pasi ( or Noemi Paddock ( if you have any questions regarding the university's benefits.

Types of Benefits
Core Plans
Supplemental Insurance
Retirement Benefits
Employee Leave Benefits
Other Benefits
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    Medical Insurance

    To qualify for medical insurance, you must be hired into an eligible full-time classification, which are as follows:

    • Full-time staff
    • Full-time administrative
    • Full-time faculty
    • Full-time visiting faculty

    Two medical insurance plans are available with varied plan designs, coverage, and premiums. These are provided by Deseret Mutual Benefits Administrators (DMBA).

    Please go to our Medical Insurance page for additional information.

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    Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance is provided with a separate election. Coverage varies according to the option chosen.

    You can only change dental plans during the open enrollment period in October every year. The choices you make in open enrollment will be for the next calendar year starting January 1. If you don’t make any changes, you will automatically keep your current plan.

    For more detailed information regarding the different dental plans, please go to our Dental Insurance page.

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    Group Term Life Insurance (GTL)

    The core insurance package includes Basic Group Term Life Insurance (BGTL). This is automatic coverage for every employee and his/her family without any medical questionnaires or exams. The coverage amounts are as follows:

    • Employee - $50,000
    • Spouse - $2,000
    • Children - $2,000 each

    For active employees, coverage reduces at age 65. The premium for this coverage is included in the medical plan premium.

    For more information, please see

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    Occupational Accidental Death and Dismemberment (OAD&D)

    Occupational Accidental Death & Dismemberment (OAD&D) insurance provides coverage for accidents on the job. The coverage amount is up to $100,000 for the employee only, which is provided in the event of loss of life, limb, vision, hearing, and/or voice.

    For more information, please see

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    Flexible Spending Account

    A flexible spending account (FSA) is a type of savings account, which provides employees with specific tax advantages. The FSA account allows you to contribute a portion of your regular earnings to pay for qualified expenses related to medical, dental, and vision expenses each year. In a separate FSA, you may also set aside money for dependent-care expenses.

    Please go to our Flexible Spending Account page for more information.

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    Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance (SGTL)

    The Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance (SGTL) protection plan is in addition to the basic life insurance. It is available at group rates for employees, their spouse, and dependent children. This benefit covers regardless of the cause of death, i.e. illness or accident. An employee can apply for up to six times the annual salary to a maximum of $1,000,000. For active employees, coverage begins to reduce at age 60. The employee's spouse can apply for a maximum of $200,000, and dependents can apply for $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000.

    Please go to our Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance page for additional information.

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    24-Hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment (24-HR AD&D)

    24-Hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (24-hr AD&D) provides protection for accidents that result in the loss (or loss of use) of the following: life, limb, (including hands and feet), vision, hearing, and/or voice. To collect this benefit, the loss must be the direct result of an accidental injury, be independent of all causes other than the accident, and be filed within 90 days of the date of the original accident.

    There are many different coverage options and amounts, including employee only, employee and spouse only, employee and children only, or entire family coverage. For the different options and premium rates, please refer to the website.

    You are eligible to enroll in this insurance even if you do not enroll in the Core Insurance Benefits. You can apply for or change 24-hr AD&D at any time; it is not constrained to the open enrollment period. Coverage begins the first day of the month after Deseret Mutual has approved your application. There is no health questionnaire or nurse's visit required to apply for or change your 24-hr AD&D coverage.

    For more detailed information, please visit the website.

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    401(k) Thrift Savings Plan

    The Deseret 401(k) Plan is a traditional safe harbor defined contribution plan offered to all eligible BYU–Hawaii employees. You can contribute a percentage of your gross income each pay period on a before-tax or after-tax basis. Brigham Young University–Hawaii will make a matching contribution of up to 4% into your account. Find more information on our 401(k) plan page.

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    Employer Discretionary Retirement Contributions (EDRC)

    Employees who were hired or became benefits-eligible on or after April 1, 2010 are eligible to participate in the Employer Discretionary Retirement Contributions plan (EDRC). For more information regarding EDRC, please go to our page on Employer Discretionary Retirement Contributions.

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    Master Retirement Plan (MRP)

    The Deseret Mutual Master Retirement Plan (MRP) is a traditional defined benefit pension plan that gives you a monthly income for your lifetime. It is completely funded by Brigham Young University–Hawaii and it is designed to work hand in hand with other retirement programs like your employer savings plan, social security benefits, and your personal savings. At retirement, benefits are calculated based on your salary, years of service, age, and benefit credit. Please see more information on our Master Retirement Plan page.

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    Any non-student employee (including non-benefited employees) can choose to contribute to any supplemental retirement savings account available through TIAA as long as he/she is receiving a salary from BYU–Hawaii. Contributions are made through payroll deductions. BYUH does not make any matching contributions to these accounts. Additional information can be found on our TIAA/CREF page.

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    Target Date Funds

    Effective May 2020, the preset mix asset allocation models will be removed from the 401(k) Plan and BlackRock Life Path index funds will be added as new investment options. Please see our Target Date Funds page for more information.

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    Vacation Leave

    The university provides paid vacation leave benefits for administrative and full-time staff employees. Upon hire, employees will be granted 40 hours of vacation time. During the first year, non-exempt employees accrue 2.154 vacation hours per pay period. Exempt employees will accrue a rate of 5.667 vacation hours per pay period. After the anniversary date, employees then accrue vacation time at a rate reflected in the table below. A total of 176 vacation hours will be allowed to carry-over into the next year; anything in excess of this amount will be counted as a loss as of December 31 of each year.

    As contract employees, Faculty do not accrue vacation time. Faculty are expected to take vacation days during scheduled academic breaks.

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    Sick Leave

    Upon hire, administrative and full-time staff employees will be granted 40 hours of sick leave. During the first year, non-exempt employees accrue 2.154 sick hours per pay period. Exempt employees will accrue a rate of 2.3333 sick hours per pay period. After the first anniversary date, employees will then accrue eight hours of sick leave for each month worked. Sick leave accrued cannot exceed 480 hours.

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    Maternity Leave & Associated Parental Leave

    An employee who gives birth may take 6 weeks of medical maternity leave. Employees are expected to give at least one week notice of the need for leave whenever possible. Employees going on maternity or parental leave must complete the Request for Paid Leave - Medical Maternity & Parental Leave form and submit it to

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    Parental Leave Following Childbirth or Adoption

    Full-time benefited employees are eligible for one week (5 consecutive work days) of paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child. To request leave, complete the Request for Parental Leave Following Childbirth or Adoption form and submit it to

    An employee who gives birth may take parental leave in addition to medical maternity leave and should apply using the Request for Paid Leave - Medical Maternity & Parental Leave form.

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    Holiday Schedule

    Please click here to see the list of holidays that the university observes.

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    Employee Assistance Program

    A free and confidential employee assistance program called “My EAP Helper” is available through Beacon for regular and temporary full-time, part-time employees, and their dependents. Student employees are not eligible for this benefit. Eligible employees and their dependents will receive personalized guidance and support from experts at any time when you visit My EAP Helper or call (844) 280-9629.

    Please go to our Employee Assistance Program page for a brief outline of how this benefit works.

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    ID Card Benefits

    Employees along with their spouses and dependents are eligible to receive a BYU–Hawaii ID card. The following facilities and activities are available to those with a BYUH ID. Those who receive ID cards agree to abide by the BYU–Hawaii Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards when using these facilities or participating in campus events.

    • Use of University library
    • Bookstore discount
    • Reduced rates on tickets to athletic and performance series on campus
    • Use of athletic facilities

    More information regarding these benefits can be found on our ID Card Benefits page.

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    Tuition Benefits

    Employees Taking Classes

    Regular full-time employees may register, tuition free, for any available courses offered at BYU–Hawaii. Although desirable, it is not necessary for courses taken by the employee to be part of an established degree program. Active full-time employees cannot take more than two courses per semester. The first priority for enrollment in a class is given to matriculated students.

    Regular full-time employees become eligible for this benefit at their hire dates.

    Employees' Spouses & Dependents Taking Classes

    Spouses and dependents of regular full-time employees are eligible for tuition waivers. Spouses receive a full-tuition waiver for an unlimited number of credit hours. Dependent children are eligible for a half-tuition waiver for undergraduate work only, regardless of marital status. Benefits for dependent children cease when they receive an undergraduate degree, accumulate 152 credit hours, or reach age 30, whichever occurs first (includes credits taken from BYU–Provo, Idaho, and Ensign College).

    Employees must complete the tuition waiver form each semester in order for spouse and dependents to receive the tuition waiver.

    Graduate Degree

    Regular full-time employees are eligible to receive tuition assistance when enrolled in a graduate program for an accredited institution. Employees become eligible for this benefit on the effective date of their hire. Employees should contact to begin the application process. An applicant for tuition assistance must provide evidence that (s)he has been accepted into a Graduate Degree program and that the content of the educational experience in the program has relevance to the University.

    Participants will also be required to sign a promissory note under the terms of which, at the time of separation from the University, the employee agrees to repay any outstanding balance of tuition assistance advances that have not been forgiven.

    Assistance will be paid as a reimbursement to the employee of one half of tuition paid, not to exceed $15,750 per employee. Tuition assistance beyond the IRS prescribed limit are taxable to the employee and those taxes will be paid by the employee. Requests for payment must be accompanied by a receipt for the tuition paid and evidence of successful completion (e.g., passing grade) of the course(s) taken. The University will provide tuition assistance for only one graduate degree. Exceptions require approval of the President's Council.