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Workday FAQ

  • Workday times out each Friday night from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am Saturday morning for weekly updates. It will be unavailable for employees to check in/out, view their paycheck or make changes to their profiles.
  • Employees are notified through email when there is a task pending their action in Workday. Employees should check their Workday inbox periodically for items pending action and approval.
  • Every employee should review their paycheck periodically to ensure amounts are correct. Employees can view and print their paycheck at any time through Workday.

    How To View/Print Pay Slips

  • The deadline for all hourly employees to submit their time is the Monday before payday at 12 pm. The deadline for managers and timekeepers to approve time is the Monday before payday at 5 pm.

    All hourly employees are encouraged to submit their hours on a weekly basis after their last worked shift for the week. Managers are encouraged to check their Workday inbox each week for time approvals.

    If you need to edit your time after the deadline, please complete the Time Edit Form and submit it to the Payroll office at

  • Unmatched time is when an employee has clocked in, but not clocked out, or vice versa. If you have an unmatched time event there will be an error on your time sheet and you will not be able to submit your time for that pay period. To fix it, simply click on the unmatched time and enter the in or out time that should be associated with the time block.

    Employees with an unmatched time event during the pay period will NOT receive a paycheck. Employees should ensure that all time blocks are complete and that every time block has an in and out time.
  • Employees can update their direct deposit information through Workday.

    How to Add Payment Elections

  • It is the employee's responsibility to update their personal and work contact information in Workday. Employees should periodically check to ensure that their contact information is correct, including work phone, office location, etc.

    Updating Personal And Contact Information

  • Employees who work late night shifts on Saturday nights into Sunday mornings will need to edit their timesheets to end their shift on Saturday at 11:59 pm when Saturday and Sundays cross pay periods. The system does not allow your shift to carry over into the next pay period. Leaving this error will cause an unmatched time event which may result in no paycheck for the entire pay period.