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A free and confidential employee assistance program called “My EAP Helper” is available through Beacon for regular and temporary full-time, part-time employees, and their dependents. Student employees are not eligible for this benefit. Eligible employees and their dependents will receive personalized guidance and support from experts at any time when you visit My EAP Helper or call (844) 280-9629.

Below is a brief outline of how this benefit works, some of the challenges the EAP can help you address, and how to get started.

How the EAP works

  • Confidential... neither BYUH or DMBA is aware who uses this benefit
  • Staffed by licensed, professional counselors
  • Visits can be in person, phone, or video
  • Up to three sessions per situation per year
  • Clinical assistance available 24/7/365

Counseling to help you with...

  • Depression, anxiety, stress, grief, loss
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Addiction assessment and treatment recommendations
  • Balancing work and life situations
  • Achieving professional goals
  • Planning for significant life events
  • Sorting through legal matters

To get started

Contact (844) 280-9629 or go to My EAP helper for more information.