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Training Programs

Vector Solutions

VectorSolutions is an online training program that offers valuable training courses for all BYU–Hawaii employees. With approximately 140 employee courses and 40 student courses, there are a wide range of general topic courses relevant to campus life and employment. Some of the general training courses include Sensitivity Awareness, General Ethics in the Workplace, Stress Management, and Health Emergencies. There are also specific training courses offered to support current training efforts in your department.

Courses range from 8 minutes to 32 minutes in duration, and participation is assessed and recorded. Human Resources highly encourages all employees to discuss opportunities with their manager to participate in VectorSolutions training. Employees can access the online training site through Vector Solutions and log in with their BYUH credentials. Please contact to see how VectorSolutions online training courses can assist you and your department.

Management Development Training Program

Human Resources coordinates the university’s Management Development Training Program. This program is designed to provide leaders with concepts and skills needed to build and sustain management skills and performance. This program is not designed to be an educational event that stands alone, but rather the launch of a series of individual actions that will enable each person to practice and apply their new skills in their work after the program.

Training sessions for 2022 and 2023 are focused around HR topics. Human Resources covers how to hire the right people and build the best team by discussing recruiting, interview best practices, compensation, etc. Participants also have the opportunity to take the MBTI assessment. In order to participate in the Management Development Training Program, you must receive permission from your manager. Once you receive permission simply contact

All full-time employees are allowed to attend. The training program takes place once a month and runs for two full work days. Breakfast and lunch are provided. Please contact Rainn Takashima if you have additional questions.