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Guidelines for Managers and Supervisors

Hiring Details

The student hiring process involves the student, the hiring manager, and our Student Employment team. Each step is an integral part of the process and helps ensure that BYU–Hawaii is in compliance with all hiring and federal guidelines.
  • Student Hiring Manager Student Employment (HR)
    1) Creates and submits a job requisition 2) Reviews and posts the job requisition
    3) Applies for jobs (up to five jobs at a time) 4) Screens and interviews candidates
    5) Moves student to the offer stage
    6) Receives email from Workday that they've been offered a job
    7) Reports to Student Employment to begin hire process 8) Reviews offer
    9) Processes the hire
    10) Completes clearances (TB, credit and age check)
    *11) Receives notification to start onboarding *11) Receives notification that the student will begin onboarding
    12) Attends orientation
    13) Completes onboarding, including I-9 verification 14) Finalizes onboarding and verifies I-9 documents
    15) Issues yellow card
    16) Provides manager with yellow card 17) Receives yellow card and arranges work schedule
    18) Enters time daily and submits time weekly 19) Reviews and approves time weekly
    1. From your Workday home page click on the Recruiting icon
    2. Click on Create Job Requisition
    3. Copy Details from Existing Requisition - Managers cannot copy details from an existing job requisition if it is the first requisition they are creating. Managers can only copy requisitions that they previously created themselves.
    4. Supervisory Organization - Should default to your name and department name. When hiring a student employee it should ALWAYS start with "JM" (e.g. JM - Student Employment (Melissa Martinez)).
    5. Worker Type - always Employee
    6. Select OK
    7. Fill in all of the required fields as indicated by the red asterisk. To edit, click on the pencil icon.
    8. Reason - Create Job Requisition > Recruiting and select Approved Student Job
    9. Recruiting Start Date - when you would like the job to be posted
    10. Target Hire Date - should always be a Monday. Enter in the Monday you hope to have your employee hired by.
    11. Click Next
    12. Job Posting Title - job title (the way you type it here is the way it will appear on the job posting site i.e. capital or lower case, dashes, etc.)
    13. Justification - why do you need this position?
    14. Job Profile - select a job profile that closely depicts the job you're hiring for. If you can't find anything, just select the job profile that is the closest match.
    15. After you choose a job profile the job description will auto populate.
    16. Adjust the Job Description field as needed. You may copy and paste if you have a job description already saved.
    17. The Job Description Summary and Additional Job Description fields are for internal use and will not be seen on the job posting. Whatever you want candidates to see on the job posting should be placed into the Job Description field.
    18. Worker Sub-Type - go to For Current Country > Student Employee
    19. Time Type - always Part time
    20. Primary Location - All Locations > BYU–Hawaii
    21. Primary Job Posting Location - should automatically populate to BYU–Hawaii
    22. Scheduled Weekly Hours - how many hours the student will be scheduled to work (usually 19)
    23. Company - always Brigham Young University–Hawaii
    24. Cost Center - Organization > CCxxxxxxx (should auto populate, but if not enter the cost center that the student's wages will be charged to)
    25. Click Next
    26. Assign Roles - Click on Add and select Primary Recruiter in the Role field. Under Assigned To, type in your name and the names of those who will help you with the hiring process. These additional people will be able to review the candidates, their applications and resumes.
    27. Please enter all the names in the Assigned To field. Each person you add will have a blue check mark next to the person’s name once they've been added successfully.
    28. Click Next
    29. Summary - Review each section of the job requisition to ensure it is complete and that you've filled out everything correctly.
    30. Click Submit and it will route to Student Employment for review.
  • How to Move a Candidate Forward

    1. From your Workday home page click on the Recruiting icon.
    2. Click on the job that you are recruiting for.
    3. At this point you should see the job requisition details. Click on the Candidates tab.
    4. Look for the candidate that you would like to make an offer to and check the box next to their name. The orange Move Forward button should appear at the bottom of your screen. Click on it.
    5. A pop-up window will appear. Click into the Next Step field.

    Why Can't I Move a Candidate Forward?

    There are a few reasons why you may not be able to move a candidate forward to offer. The most common is that you do not have enough positions available.

    Why Can't I Move a Candidate Forward

  • The yellow Student Employment Hire Certification card is required by all department managers prior to starting employment. In addition to the Workday notification received by both managers and student employees, students must present the yellow Student Employment Hire Certification card to their managers as confirmation that they have completed all hiring requirements and have been cleared at Student Employment.

    Managers and supervisors: Do not allow new student hires or rehires to begin work until they present you with the yellow card.

  • How to Decline a Candidate

    It is important to decline candidates that you are not interested in hiring. By declining a student's application in Workday, the student is notified and is able to apply for other jobs. Students may only apply to up to five jobs at any given time. If they have applied to your job, that prevents them from applying to another job, until they get an interview, offer, or declination.

    1. From the requisition review screen pipeline (blue funnel), choose the "Screen" section by clicking on it.
    2. Select "Candidate Actions".
    3. Choose the checkbox at the top of the table to select all candidates, or choose the checkbox next to the students' names that you want to decline.
    4. Select "Move Forward" if you wish to interview or extend an offer to the candidate. Select "Decline" if you are not interested in hiring the candidate.
    5. Under "Disposition Reason" choose the appropriate decline reason and select OK. If you selected several candidates at once, it will assign the same reason to all candidates selected.

    Decline Notifications

    Once a manager has filled a position the remaining candidates on the job requisition need to be declined. If the candidates aren't declined then their job applications will remain in the manager's Workday inbox until the candidate self-withdraws.

    Depending on the reason that the manager selects, candidates will receive a decline notification informing them that they did not get the job for whatever reason. Reasons include selected other candidates, did not respond to phone call/email, no show for an interview, etc. These notifications are automatic and will be sent to the candidate's email on their application once the manager declines them.

    It is encouraged that managers wait until they've filled their position before they decline the remaining candidates as students may decline a manager's offer to a job.

Time Submission and Approvals

The deadline for all hourly employees to submit their time is the Monday before payday at 12 pm. The deadline for managers and timekeepers to approve time is the Monday before payday at 5 pm.

All hourly employees are encouraged to submit their hours on a weekly basis after their last worked shift for the week. Managers are encouraged to check their Workday inbox each week for time approvals.

The Workday time tracking system will be offline for maintenance every Friday from 8 pm until Saturday at 4 am. Employees needing to track time during this outage will need to enter hours on their timesheets once the system is back online.
  • Managers are required to approve all hourly employees' time on the Monday before payday by 5pm. Please refer to the video below for instructions on how to approve time.

    Reviewing Employees' Time

  • Timekeepers are other people that managers can assign to be their back up for approving time for their hourly employees in the event that the manager is out sick, on vacation, etc. Timekeepers are not accountable for approving time; the primary responsibility resides with the manager. When time is not approved, managers will receive the penalty and not the timekeeper.

  • Unmatched time is when an employee has clocked in, but not clocked out, or vice versa. If your student has an unmatched time event there will be an error on their time sheet and they will not be able to submit their time for that pay period. To fix it, the student simply needs to click on the unmatched time and enter the in or out time that should be associated with the time block.

    Employees with an unmatched time event during the pay period will NOT receive a paycheck. Employees should ensure that all time blocks are complete and that every time block has an in and out time.

    If a student needs to edit their time after the 12pm deadline, please have them complete the Time Edit Form and submit it to the Payroll office at

Additional Guidelines

We understand that managers and supervisors may not use Workday very often and it is easy to forget how to process changes for your students. Please refer to the instructions and videos below for step by step tutorials on how to process certain tasks in Workday. Additional information can also be found on our Workday FAQ and Workday Videos pages.
  • Copy a Previous Job Requisition

    1. From your Workday home page click on the Recruiting icon
    2. Click on Create Job Requisition
    3. Copy Details from Existing Requisition - Click on the 3 lines in this field and select My Job Requisitions
    4. Select the job requisition you wish to copy and click OK.
    5. Go through the rest of the process by using the pencil icon to edit any of the fields that should be changed or updated.
    6. Under the Organizations section add Brigham Young University–Hawaii as the Company and verify that the cost center is correct.
    7. Under Assign Roles click on Add and select Primary Recruiter in the Role field. Under the Assigned To field add your name and anyone else that will be helping with the recruiting process.
    8. Summary - review each section of the job requisition to ensure it is complete and that you've filled out everything correctly.
    9. Click Submit
    10. The job requisition will route to Student Employment for review.

    Please note that you can only copy a previous job requisition if you have created one before. You cannot copy job requisitions that have been created by others.

    Edit a Job Requisition

    If there is anything that needs to be changed on a job requisition, the manager can go into Workday and edit it themselves to make the necessary changes. These changes could include an updated job description, additional openings, additional primary recruiters, etc.

    How to Edit a Job Requisition

    Unpost a Job

    When a manager has received enough applications and would like to remove their posting from the job board, they can unpost the job on their own.

    How to Unpost a Job

    Managers can unpost their own jobs, but they cannot post them. This must be done by Human Resources. If a manager wants to re-post a job that was previously approved and posted then they can email their request to with the job requisition number (R00...).

    Workday Definitions

    Open Requisition: The manager is actively looking for candidates and plans to hire someone in the near future.
    *When you unpost a job it is still open, but will no longer be seen by candidates. No one can apply to an unposted job requisition.

    Closed Requisition: The manager and HR no longer need the requisition. We close a job requisition when a manager has decided not to hire under that requisition anymore and will not use it in the future. The requisition will no longer be available for use.

    Filled Requisition: A job requisition will automatically be marked as filled when all open positions on the requisition have been filled by a student. For example, if a job requisition was opened with 1 available position then when a student is hired the requisition will be filled. If a requisition has 3 open positions, it will be marked as filled once the 3rd student has completed the hire process.

  • All promotions and compensation changes must be initiated by managers through Workday. Once submitted the request will be reviewed by HR. Please follow the steps outlined in this video to process a promotion.

    How to Request a Promotion

  • 1. From your Workday home page click on the My Team icon
    2. Click on the student that you would like to transfer
    3. From the student's profile select Actions > Job Change > Transfer, Promote or Change Job
    4. When do you want this change to take effect? - whenever possible the effective date should be at the beginning of a pay period
    5. Why are you making this change? - Transfer > Move to another Manager
    6. Who will be the manager after this change? - enter the name of the person you would like to transfer the student to
    7. Which team will this person be on after this change? - this should always be the new manager's JM (e.g. JM - Student Employment (Melissa Martinez)).
    8. Click Next until you reach the summary section
    9. In the summary section ensure you have the correct information and then hit Submit.
    10. The request will route to HR to check and approve.

  • All managers of student employees should update their teams in Workday regularly. When student employees have graduated or stopped working for a manager/department, please follow these steps:

    1. On your Workday home page go to the My Team icon.
    2. Click on the profile of the student who you will be terminating.
    3. Under the student’s profile photo click on Actions > Job Change > Terminate Employee.
    4. Enter in the Primary Reason (i.e. graduation, moved, other employment) and the Termination Date. Update the last day of work if it is different than the actual termination date and click submit.
    5. The termination request will then route to Student Employment to review and approve.

    If you are prevented from completing the termination because the student has more than one job, please email the student's name, ID#, termination date and the reason to

    Please note that all of the student's time should be submitted and approved before the termination is processed.

  • Maternity leave for student employees is unpaid. If a department/manager would like to have the student return to work once the leave is over, managers should request that the student enter Unpaid Time Off in Workday for the number of weeks she will be gone.

    The student should:

    1. Go to the Time icon on their Workday home page.
    2. Click on Request Time Off
    3. Select the days Monday – Friday for which they will be gone and a blue dot will appear on the calendar for the chosen dates.
    4. When finished, click on the button in the lower left corner that says "# days - Request Time Off"
    5. Choose the time off type: Unpaid Time Off
    6. Enter in the daily quantity of 4 hours
    7. Enter in the comment "Unpaid Maternity Leave"
    8. Click Submit

    The manager then needs to approve the unpaid time off in Workday. This will hold the student's spot and prevent them from being automatically terminated after 5 weeks of having a zero time card.

    If the student is not planning to come back to work with you after the maternity leave ends then you should process a termination.