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At BYU–Hawaii there are two different types of internships. Each type of internship has different criteria that must be met to be in compliance with all BYU–Hawaii policy and procedures. On campus pre-graduate student internships must go through an approval process via Career Services and must adhere to the guidelines below. Post-graduate internships, once approved, follow a process with Human Resources described below.

On-campus Student Internship

Pre-completion of Degree

Students are hired via the normal student employee hire process with Human Resources.

International students may not exceed 19 hours a week in order to be in compliance with BYUH Work Hours; 3.8 Student Employee Work policy. International student interns, when working on campus, must not exceed 20 hours in order to be in compliance with their SEVIS/VISA status.

Domestic students may not exceed 19 hours a week without a special student appeal approved by their direct supervisor and the line VP. Approval is only considered when the student is domestic and carrying 6 or fewer credits. Should a domestic student have the need to request an exception they are required to fill out a Student Employment Appeal form and turn it in to HR. The form is filled out and signed by the student, their direct manager, and final approval is given by the line VP. Once signed, approval is stored in HR's files to prevent the student from being included in the over 19 hours violation report.

On-campus Post-graduate Internship

Post-completion of Bachelor’s Degree

Graduates with an approved Academic Training (AT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) may work a 30/30/30/19 hour schedule during their approved on-campus internship.

Managers: For details on how to get an approved post-graduate internship, please go to the Post-Graduate Internship Request Checklist and Post-Graduate Internship Request Form on the HR website under HR Forms.

Students seeking to find an Academic Training (AT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) internship should look on the non-student job boards to find available internships to apply for.