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Workday Videos


Review Employees’ Time

Learn how you can view and approve your employees’ time through the Review Time report.

Reviewing Employees' Time

Edit a Job Requisition

Learn how to edit a job requisition, such as changing the number of openings and updating the job description.

How to Edit a Job Requisition

Unpost a Job

Learn how to unpost one of your current job postings through the job requisition’s details page.

How to Unpost a Job

Send Messages through Workday

Learn how to send a personalized message to candidates directly through your job requisition. Candidates will receive this message through the email they provided on their job application.

How To Send Messages In Workday

Request a Promotion

Learn how to request a promotion for your student employee through Workday.

How to Request a Promotion


Apply for a Job

Looking to apply for a job at BYU–Hawaii? We will show you how to apply whether you’re a student, a community member, or a current employee.

How to Apply for a Job

Clock In/Out

New to Workday? This quick video will show you where to go to clock in and out.

How to Clock In and Out

Add Payment Elections

Want to get paid? We will show you how to enter your bank information into Workday so that you can receive your paycheck through direct deposit.

How to Add Payment Elections

View and Print Pay Slips

The Human Resources department encourages all employees to “Check Your Check.” This video will show you where to go to view and print your paycheck.

How To View/Print Pay Slips

Updating Personal & Contact Information

You should periodically update your contact information to ensure it’s accurate. This video will walk you through how to update it.

Updating Personal And Contact Information