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Students who are graduating but unable to return to their home country due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions are permitted to remain in Hawaii until a flight is available but should plan to support themselves by working to provide for their expenses.


Because graduates are legally able to work due to COVID-19 related hardship, BYU–Hawaii will no longer provide free access to on-campus housing or meal plans. The Student Medical Benefit will not continue to be provided to graduating students who are unable to return home. Effective Spring 2021 Semester, students who graduated end of the Winter 2021 Semester (04/19/2021) will have to purchase their own third-party insurance. Medical coverage for non-student family members continues to be the responsibility of the graduate. For more details on medical coverage please follow this link to Health Services. Students are also responsible for all quarantine costs associated with returning to their home country.


Update as of July 2, 2021


International Student Services is working under strict guidelines. Economic hardship employment is no longer available. If you graduated in a previous semester, contact ISS to inquire about an application for the ASIA-PACIFIC CULTURE SPECIALIST.

Please consult with International Student Services (ISS) immediately regarding your particular situation as F-1 and J-1 visa holders have different authorization processes.

Hardship Funding

Graduates who are unable to meet their financial obligations despite their honest effort to work and provide for themselves may inquire about possible hardship funding. Contact the dean of students at Factors that will be considered for dispensing this funding include whether a graduate did their part to find work, completed their work hours, prioritized the payment of their bills, and exhausted their options of family help.

BYU–Hawaii will not provide funding for graduates who choose not to return home when an opportunity has been provided by Travel Services. Graduates completing academic training (AT) or optional practical training (OPT) internships are not eligible for hardship funding.