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Employee Recognition Awards

Exemplary Employee Award Nominations

Nominations for Exemplary Employee Award for all current administrative and regular full-time and part-time staff are now open. The nominees for the V. Napua Baker Award, Sione Feinga Award, and President’s Appreciation Award are intended to recognize employees who:

  • Demonstrate a high degree of commitment to the university, its mission and values.
  • Demonstrate exemplary work behaviors, leadership, and a commitment to excellence; inspire others to excel.

To be eligible for the Exemplary Employee Award, nominees must have worked at BYU–Hawaii for a minimum of 3 years and cannot have received the award within the last 2 years. All nominations are due by Friday, December 4, 2020. After reading the nomination process and criteria fill out the nomination form below. Please contact HR at (808) 675-3490 or (808) 675- 4845 for more information.

Process and Tips

Tips on completing the nomination form

  • Provide stories and specific examples about the nominee’s exceptional work. This will help the committee to know why this nominee excels.
  • Quote examples of the nominee’s outstanding qualities and/or contributions as stated by others (colleagues, students, etc.).
  • Note the impact the nominee has had within and outside his/her department – especially when it is beyond the regular scope of their position.
  • Include special achievements/activities that led to this nomination.

Exemplary Employee Award Criteria

  • Customer Service – Employee contributes to improvement in the quality of service to students, staff, faculty, and/or the public.
  • Leadership – Employee demonstrates initiative and sets the pace in a supervisory or non-supervisory role.
  • Mentoring – Employee encourages and motivates other employees to improve their performance.
  • Self-Improvement – initiates developmental activities to improve job knowledge or work performance.
  • Efficiency – Employee contributes ideas that result in savings of time and/or resources.
  • Problem Solving – Employee demonstrates creative and innovative resolution to problems or challenges in the department and/or university.
  • Teamwork – Employee contributes significantly to team approaches.
Employee Recognition Nomination Submission