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Student Work Projects

Student Employee COVID-19 Work Hours

Starting May 10, students will no longer be given wages for time in which they are unable to work. COVID-19 hours will be used only for specific work projects that will be made available for students to earn wages. Students will be paid only for hours that they actually work. Work project hours may be worked to provide additional hours for students unable to work in their current campus job and for those who are unable to get enough hours in their current campus jobs. Students will still be limited to no more than 19 hours per week and must be enrolled full-time (eight credit hours minimum) to participate.

Students will be matched with work assignments based on their skills/work experience and the works projects available. Any students that are interested in making up hours with the work projects program must apply for the COVID Project Work (R0012203) job requisition on the student job board with the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID #
  • Class Schedule/Availability

You MUST provide your class schedule/availability as an attachment so that we can place you in the right work project.