This is a quick view of the basic steps involved in using the PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions module to post jobs thru hiring an applicant. All managerial access to the module is found under the PeopleSoft for Human Resources – Recruiting menu.

• Create a Job Opening – Use the lookup icon next to the Position Number and select your position from the list. Enter the # of seats to fill in the Target Openings; Add the employee being replaced if any; you must “Add Job Postings” by clicking link at the bottom of the page.

• HR/SE Approval – HR or Student Employment will approve your job posting electronically and it will automatically be made available on the web. The Hiring Manager will receive an email when the status is changed.

• Apply Online – For internal applicants this is found on PS for HR – Self Service – Recruiting Activities – Careers. External applicants (without a CES Net ID) use a link on the HR site.

• Browse Job Openings – The Hiring Manager will review applicants online under PS for HR – Recruiting – Browse Job Openings using links to the position and applicant information.

• Interview – For non-student positions submit the names for the search committee to HR so they can be added to the record. Use the Route option under Take Action next to each candidate’s summary on the Manage Applicants list to grant access to the committee. Refer to Search Committee folder for additional steps to complete. For Student positions, this formal interview routing process is optional.

• Prepare Job Offer – Under Take Action, select Prepare Job Offer for the candidate you have selected. Enter the pay rate you would like to offer and submit to Student Employment to approve the offer before actually making any offer to the candidate.

• Check Email for Approval – When Student Employment has approved the job offer, the Hiring Manager will receive an email with a link. The Hiring Manager will then contact the applicant, make the job offer to the candidate and get their verbal/written commitment then go to the link and update the status from “Extend” to “Accepted”. This will close the posting online. The selected candidate will receive an email directing them to their next steps.

• Prepare for Hire – On Browse Job Openings under Take Action, change the status for the desired applicant to Prepare for Hire. Fill in the start date, the Department GL#, pay rate, and verify the ID as directed, then submit.

• Send Correspondence – Let all the remaining candidates know they were not selected by sending them a message. Pull up you're (now) closed position under Browse Job Openings by changing the status to Closed and click the green refresh arrows. Select all the candidates to notify by checking the box next to their name under Browse Job Openings. Use a delivered form letter or type your own message. The emails will be sent discreetly to each applicant.

• Wait for Email from HR – the new employee can only start working once you receive an email from HR/SE saying they are cleared to work.