Employee Relations FAQ

Human Resource Services provides a resource for supervisors, managers and employees to discuss work-related issues. Human Resource Services advises managers who are initiating corrective action and reviews all Employee Relation actions (written warnings, final written warnings, suspension, demotion, termination, separation, reduction in force, etc) before they are issued, to ensure compliance with University policies and procedures. This office also coordinates the Staff Employment Grievance process. Contact the Human Resource office for other Employee Relation services.

Policies and procedures about the corrective action process of the University can also be found by logging on to the mybyuh and accessing policies and procedures. Policies and forms of interest include some of the following:

Contact Human Resource Services. They will assist and advise you in determining the correct level of corrective action to administer.

First and foremost, you need to meet the performance expectations listed in the corrective action. Not following the expectations could result in further corrective action. Second, you can submit a letter to be included in your file. Third, you have the right to appeal the disciplinary action (file a grievance) in accordance with the provisions of the Grievance Policy. Contact the Human Resource office for assistance.

If an employee decides to grieve an employment-related action such as reduction in force, termination, suspension without pay, demotion, written warning or final written warning, s/he should contact Human Resource Services to discuss the grievance process. See Grievance Policy and Procedures.

If an employee files a grievance, the supervisor/manager may be contacted as appropriate by Human Resource Services. If you have any questions please contact Human Resource Services at (808) 675-3713.